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Can I sell dog food or make dog food?

Yes, however there are rules about selling raw dog food.

What if I have questions about selling dog food?

Call your local council. Many dog food retailers are non-profit organizations that are exempt from corporate tax.

Can I get a discount from Dog Food Manufacturers’ Association (DMA)?


Is it allowed to have pets at a pet shop?

No, a pet shop must be in a tax-exempt exempt building. The DMA only lists pet stores that are in tax-exempt buildings. In most areas, you are not allowed to have pets inside a pet shop.

Can I sell to a pet shop?

Yes, you can sell dog food directly to a pet shop or in one of many other ways. Here’s a few suggestions:

You can sell via mail order in a sealed package. Here’s what you may need:

A receipt.

A valid tax ID number for your dog if it is over six months old.

A statement that the pet shop is offering the pet food for free.

A letter that you have the name of the pet shop and the address (e.g., “Dangerous Dog Dog Food Pet Store”)

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How do I take a dog to my local veterinarian?

If you live in a remote area or outside of Canada, you can go to a pet store in your area and see if your veterinarian is participating. You can then arrange to pick up your pet.

How can you provide pet food to your pets in a more convenient way?

The best way is to pay the local veterinarian for a supply.

Can I send my food to the pet store?

No, you must find your local veterinarian.

Can I return the food to the pet store?

Yes, however your food will need to be boxed and stored in their refrigerated area.

Can I bring my food home?


What if I have my own private freezer?

Ask permission of your neighbour or ask a veterinary professional for help.

Can I bring pet food to public events?

No. Pets are not permitted to be on show or in the public place at any time.

Can I buy animal drugs?

No, drug testing is strictly prohibited.

Is pet food free

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