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It’s called “being a dog,” and it’s no big deal, right? But sometimes dogs go out of their way to do things in an aggressive or mischievous way, and it can cause them trouble. That’s when it’s called “dogfighting,” or perhaps just “fighting,” because it can get so ugly.

In California right now, there are three dogs that have taken the “dogfighting” label:
Scottish Government to set up Canine Division of ...

Two of the dogs, one of whom is a pit bull/pit bull mix, was a pit bull/pit bull mix who tried to get a bite on me.

His name, and the other dog, are both listed as “dangerous animal.”

He is the only man in his own litter who is considered dangerous. There was no evidence that he ever did anything against authority. He is well-trained, which is important because any dog who is trained to fight, or can fight, is often considered dangerous. The man was a large and well-behaved dog. If you had not seen him and felt certain that he was friendly (not a dangerous dog), and you wanted him to remain in your yard, and he did not appear to be hostile toward you, then you may have been able to leave him in his own yard while you went elsewhere to find something to do. However, if you decided now and then to get away from an aggressive dog (or other animal), and it turned out that he was dangerous, and you could not leave him in his own yard, then at some future date, you would have to leave a vicious dog alone.

In Arizona, a pit bull-pit bull mix was arrested on January 13 after allegedly beating up and biting a police officer, despite the officer and his supervisor saying the dog was in a “fantastic” state of mind, was a “family dog” who had never been aggressive, and had no known history of being aggressive.

He was also charged with several other misdemeanor crimes including resisting. He refused to take medication for his seizure disorder, and so had to undergo an involuntary psychiatric hold.

In Idaho, one dog has become the “Cannibal Dog” of the state, killing and chewing a human (the victim’s wife) to death.

He was killed during an argument over food.

It was reported that the police are trying to locate a second victim (both in Idaho) in which this “torture” may have actually occurred. In addition

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