Can you make a living being a dog walker? – How To Start A Therapy Dog Business Card

Do you think one should take advantage of the dog-walking industry? Tell us about it!

If you’ve ever been around a dog walking group, you might have come across these photos from the website of The Bark Club, or a post on our Facebook page. (If you haven’t seen this site, click HERE to read it).

If you have, then what you might have discovered is that while the Bark Club’s founder, Michael C. “Mike” Wolf, is a brilliant person, he is also an asshole. It’s not just this site, but on his personal Facebook page of one of his many “friends”, where he posts pictures of him posing next to other dogs on his hands – and paws.

He also posts pics of dogs at home with their owners, showing their “natural, playful” personalities – and then, at some point, makes a snap of them doing just that.

Of course, he also has an entire wall of photos of himself with his dog, and some pictures of his family dogs, and lots of “adventurous” photos from his dog walks with them.

Now, I don’t know whether some of it is out of frustration or a sort of “I didn’t learn a thing” attitude, or I simply just don’t know what’s going on in Mike’s head.

On one of the dog walking groups that I frequent, we recently posted a photo of two Labrador retrievers “playing” together, then Mike tweeted the photo to the group – and in a few days, several dozen people responded with pictures they’d taken – and some of them were really really kind to this poor guy.

I can’t exactly picture what we could be getting out of such behaviour, but I do know that a lot of dogs in public spaces enjoy seeing a “welcome” with an open arm, and they like to be loved.

If the rest of the dog walking world has any empathy for this little guy, we at the Huffington Post will be very happy.

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