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What about cleaning and caring for animals, as well as preparing food, providing shelter, and working with children? Yes, but it’s a lot more work than you think it is.

Becoming a Companion Animal Veterinary Technician

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There are several steps to becoming a companion animal veterinary technician. You need to be an accredited school with graduate certification. You must hold a current license and passing exams. You must be able to read the written material and be able to carry out some of the tasks a veterinary technician is doing. All this must take place while you are an undergraduate student for the first three years. Then you need to go beyond the four-year college to graduate school.

Step 1 – Getting Accredited

You must first go to the University of Washington Veterinary School where they certify your education requirements. There are three courses at the veterinary school to fulfill this requirement, which are: Basic Animal Anatomy, Veterinary Pediatrics, and Veterinary Medicine. You do not need to take any additional credit beyond the first three courses. They recommend you take four years of Veterinary Science on the UW campus for an accredited degree.

Next you need to be selected to work when the animal you are working with needs a veterinary technician’s attention because you will be responsible for a full clinical practice. This must happen in the state on-campus, because this is the most challenging part of taking your education on to the next level. That means you will need to live in either a Seattle or Tacoma area. Your state will ask you to apply at least one month before your graduate school application to be accepted into our program. You need to be in good standing to be considered for consideration here.

Step 2 – Getting a License

To get your license you must meet the education requirements, pass the exams, then pass the licensure exam. There may be a three month waiting period while the licensing process is being completed. You must start paying the training fee in April or May of your graduating class. Then you have to pass a background-check and apply for the federal license that is required of all veterinarians who handle or work with animal patients.

The federal license is the highest level of veterinary licensure in most areas of the United States, except the District of Columbia. It can take three years before you can apply. You need to take classes to be licensed in every state. Most states require 4 years of continuing education, and all medical schools require 4 years of student education. Once you’ve finished your state requirement, the

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