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Sure. But you’d be doing a disservice to the public. You’re selling your animals for money, and we should demand more of you in public.

When I say “blesses,” I certainly don’t mean “gifts for the poor.” In fact, I don’t even mean gifts to people who can afford to send me money. It’s a little different.

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One of the most remarkable ways I’ve seen a group of atheists interact in real life is to go out to dinner and share some of the greatest dishes I’ve ever tasted. It’s a truly touching and wonderful thing to share a dish we admire with someone who might not have much money and is desperately in need. When I make the trip to that restaurant on a regular basis (or in a few instances even more frequently), many of my fellow atheists are always very receptive to my sharing stories of what makes their dishes amazing, the flavors they use, and the recipes that are so well-suited for various meats or vegetables. They want to share a lot, often with the same person.

We have often shared stories of our friends cooking for our families, how our own families have been touched by some of our recipes, and how it makes me feel personally and spiritually that God is in the kitchen. When I’m at the restaurant with friends on an outing where I’ve prepared a meal that has a spiritual purpose for them to enjoy, I have to admit I get a little choked up with joy and satisfaction of this wonderful work.

It’s not just dinners; it’s sharing life’s joys and sorrows. On the occasion of a significant birthday, anniversary, or anniversary of someone who’s passed, I find it’s not unusual to hear the word “gracious” used. I wonder if that means the words have a spiritual power, and have a deep meaning that inspires me to do more to bless and uplift my friends and family.

In most marriages, you go through a number of different stages in which you can think that one is over and the other is getting brighter. But in every other relationship, at any other time in your life, you have your own personal grace and mercy as life unfolds within you. This is a truth that we must all know firsthand—there are people who are deeply, wonderfully gracious and gentle with others and with ourselves. I believe it’s because God has such an ineradicable love for us (and for us with him) that he calls us to love one another

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