Can you sell puppies without a license?

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Puppy selling comes with an additional set of regulations than dog or cat sales. Generally, only two types of licenses for selling puppies are necessary. One is to sell puppies on an as-is basis, while another is a “pet sale,” which is what you might call it in the pet trade.

The term “pet sale” refers to an application (sometimes called a “pet registration certificate”) by the pet store owner stating that the pet is being sold for its proper life-cycle. This certificate will be valid for at least three years, and in some cases, even longer. This application can be obtained at any pet store or online from either the dog or the cat rescue.

However, there are exceptions. If you’re selling your pet for entertainment, you can register the animal in your name without needing a pet sale certificate. This means you’ll be able to sell the animal for food or pet supplies. You’ll also be able to sell puppies through a pet store or a certified animal rescue.

However, if you’re selling your pup at your dog walking studio to raise money for a sick pet or to get your dog fixed, you’ll need a pet sale permit to sell your dog in the first place.

How can the seller tell when it’s time to sell it?

The main thing is to make sure you have all four elements:

the name and address – which must be correct

the age and date the dog was sold

the breed of the dog sold

how much the breeder charges

If all four of these elements aren’t in place, you may run into problems, such as that the dog isn’t quite a good match for you. And, if you’ve already bought a dog, you may be asked to pay for the purchase by the breeder.

For more information, see our advice section, What you need to know about selling a dog as a rescue.

What happens if the breeder charges you for your dog?

Generally, you can offer either a pet sale or a puppy sale at the time you purchase the pup or puppy. If the breeder is charging you for your puppy to raise money for a sick pet, such as your sick dog, the sale will not be accepted.

However, it’s possible to sell a puppy after you’ve adopted him/her, if you do so on good behavior.

What happens if I need to bring my pup home?