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Dogs can only be legally licensed in certain states, including Maryland. Pet owners in Maryland are required to obtain a basic dog license, a $30 license for every dog weighing 4 to 6 pounds. This includes a $30 license for each dog in a family, regardless whether there are children in the family in addition to the dog owner.

In addition to an annual license, Maryland state law requires owners to be licensed with the dog’s breed, a description of the dogs body, and to take a training and socialization course.

In a 2012 investigation by DVM Magazine, an owner said she was told by dogs trainers at a dog park that she would need a dog walker’s license if her dog attacked a child.

Many breed clubs require dog owners or members to obtain a license in order to practice their chosen breeds. As a result, many people who have never attended a canine club training course get into training their dogs, only to find out later that they might be in violation of state law and should get a “do not own” certificate.

Are dog licenses mandatory for the elderly or disabled?

Dog licenses are not required for an owner to possess a pet unless they have a medical condition that may present a health risk for their pet. A recent state law increased the amount of money a health provider can charge an owner for issuing medical licenses, especially for pets.

While there are no special requirements for any disabled person in Maryland to have or receive a license, it is recommended that a dog walker have some knowledge of the laws to ensure the health and well being of any dog, particularly if doing so has never been done by anyone else before.

It’s common for dog owners to ask how many dogs a person has, but it’s highly recommended to consult a vet or lawyer prior to deciding to have a pet.

A guide to Maryland dog licensing requirements can be found here.

Are there restrictions on keeping certain breeds of dogs?

No. In general, pet owners can keep any breed of dog as long as the breed is kept in good health and doesn’t present a health risk. However, there is a list of restrictions on keeping certain breeds of dogs.

Please note that pet owners are not allowed to keep pit bull type dogs and beagle type dogs under the terms of the Maryland DNR. Also, they are not allowed to own bulldog type dogs or beagle type dogs.

Are some breeds more popular than others

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