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To legally exercise their canine friends, U.S. citizens or anyone in possession of a license are required to walk.

Will I be required to be vaccinated? If you are going to take your dog into public with you, you will need to be vaccinated. Your dog must have a rabies shot, or at least two weeks before the event you are taking your dog to. There are three approved vaccine programs, so be prepared to get the latest available vaccinations. These vaccinations cost about $20 to $45, depending on the program and how many dogs you are registering.

What if I get sick after a dog walk? First of all, it’s best to take your dog to the vet. They make sure your dog is completely healthy before they send the puppy to the shelter for adoption. Some vaccinations can require a vet visit to make sure it’s safe for your dog to be around other dogs and puppies.

How do I register to get my dog registered? Contact the city of your local shelter or breed rescue group in person at the event. When you come in and pick up your puppy, you, your vet, and your dog’s new owner will need to show the City of Oakland their current license, registration certificate, and paperwork from the event.

Can I walk my dog while I am at work? Yes! The event is meant to be a positive experience for our volunteers. You can help us bring smiles and joy of our dogs that day by giving them some exercise and having them go for a walk in the park. Our event is a very long event, and it’s best to keep your dog with you if your schedule permits.

Do volunteers have to pay a fee? Yes, your ticket is only $10. A $.50 donation helps us cover costs for food, water and litter. Some individuals choose to donate a portion of their ticket and share the proceeds with us with the idea that the ticket is a gift that will bring smiles to the people who participate in our program.

Where else can I go to get a puppy or dog? We invite you to volunteer as a volunteer at one of the participating shelters, breed rescue groups in your town and pet event.

Are there registration fees? No, this event is totally FREE! We’re excited to get dogs registered so they can stay in good homes and keep families together during this challenging time when families must find the energy to juggle so many responsibilities.

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