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Are dog walkers’ dogs eligible for government assistance? What are the guidelines for tax exemption?

Dog Walkers and Tax Credit

Most states have some sort of “dog walker tax credit” or “dog owner tax credit” available to certain dog owners, regardless of whether they have any financial obligations to tax authorities. In Pennsylvania, for example, if a person maintains a home, or lodges in a campground, while walking their dog, she/he earns a rebate equal to the total of all fees paid for the dog. The dog walker may be able to claim this refund directly from the state, however, depending upon the rules in each state. For now, the following guidelines will help:

In order to qualify for a refund of a dog walker tax credit, you generally must demonstrate your “occupational need” for your dog. It can be a need such as for bathing, walking, or for the exercise benefits afforded by dogs. A dog walker must pay all taxes due on a monthly basis, in addition to the costs of running your home.

If you want your dog to be able to go potty in the morning, a dog owner must pay the county dog license fee of $5.00.

Dogs are not eligible for any rebate for pets that are in a kennel, unless your dog has a “public liability” in the county, or you provide a “public service” for the owner or caretaker of the dog, or the “public health” that would be provided by a dog in a kennel.

Dog Owners and Public Utility Taxes

In addition to state tax credit, municipalities and other governments may impose a tax on the owner of the dog.

Most dog owners in Pennsylvania pay utility taxes on their pets’ food.

In the City of Harrisburg, the City Council decided to use property taxes to fund public education while continuing to help their dog owners by allowing them to get a rebate, and pay the full cost of the treatment for a $10.00 pet food voucher.

Cities that have decided to support public education as part of their pet tax assistance programs may choose to provide subsidies for your dog so it is not a burden on taxpayers or the city.

Some cities do not have funds to subsidize pet-free zones to help dog owners.

Pennsylvania Tax Credit

Pursuant to the state’s General Property Tax Law, the amount of a

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