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They do, that’s part of this whole routine. They love being with you. You’re their companion, and they are your true family. They will do a whole laundry list of things if you leave them, including licking, sleeping, snuggling, or even sleeping with you at night. They’ll make many “sad puppies” comments when you do this to them. When this happens, they will grow to love you even more as their body and emotional state continue to slowly transition from the state where they are still in a state of distress to happiness.

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I found you can find the exact same benefits in having a dog at home with one other person. You’ve made an awesome dog companion. Have you tried out a dog’s first steps by asking them to go and have a pet sitter? If they’re not good at this, start practicing at home with a different dog of the same gender as yours. Get them to come sit with you and take care of things. Try having them go for walks in the park or to the park’s dog park and the “go easy” leash. It is great training for both of you. You’ll both be comfortable and happy to be with each other more. You can go on a hike and have the “go easy” leash. It will help you to have a lot more confidence. And, of course, when it happens, your dog will be happy to go with you.

There is one more thing I wish I had known in my first few weeks of training, namely what I was about to do to my dog the night I went to sleep. I was on my way to a dinner with friends that night and I was heading over to the park around 9:30pm. I was a bit nervous going to sleep because I never want to leave my dogs alone, or for them to have to go to the groomers or to the vet when I feel like they’re getting better. But I was ready for any night. I was feeling good, but I knew I had to get ready to go to sleep. I pulled my dog’s collar off and pulled his leash up. When my friends had finished, they all put on their dog walkers. I told them to stop and sit in a car, but at some point, I realized that I would need to go out to my house and look for my dog with my cellphone. So I put my phone away and walked back to my friends. When I got there, I noticed that I was

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