Do I need a license to sell animals? – Pet Business Insurance Providers Ukc Coonhound

Any local ordinance allows farmers to sell animals for food, as well as to raise wild animals to be used in food. State and local laws vary, so contact your local authorities for more information and local laws.

Are you a “person” or a “business”?

A business is defined as a “business entity” or a “business enterprise”. There is one exception, and that is a “person” is not defined in either Code of Virginia or the federal government (see federal regulations). For more information please consult our Guide to the Business of Selling Animals.

How long have you been selling animals?

We began selling animals in 1979. Our primary goal is to give our animals a life full of exercise, love, and a sense of security. In addition to our sales of food animals (dung beetles, ground beetles, etc.), we also sell “non-food animals” such as rabbits, hedgehogs, hamsters, caged and wild birds. These animals are for sale by a license only. This means that the animals do not have any other direct ownership or possession rights in these animals.

Are you a dealer?

There are two requirements for a dealer to be licensed:

(1) be licensed in Virginia;

(2) be licensed to sell, handle, or transport the animals; and

(3) not be an officer, employee, member, or representative of another licensed dealer.

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