Do pet shops make money?

Yes, they do. This is why there is so much advertising, and why you find it hard to separate what the shop is really selling from what the shop is putting out as a means of advertising. Many pet shops claim to “make” money and “make customers happy” but rarely can I see evidence to back this up. Pet shops want lots of kibble (their profit margin is the best, as well as the cheapest; this is usually to the detriment of pets; they may not need much since they are often used primarily for food, but they do get fed.) Many have no pets; most of them also have no vet care, no attention to pet injuries or diseases, and very little to offer the dog except for kibble, lots of food, water, and toys. I have heard that many “pet shops” have a pet shop owner as their owner, who usually pays in cash when their dog comes back. All of this means that the shop owner usually gets little or nothing in return for his “investment” in these pet shops.

Can pet shops make money outside the U.S.? Unfortunately, we do not even know why, if they would like to, pet shops do not export their business to other countries. This, however, does not bother pet shops much as they are a significant source of income.

The business of pet shops tends to have its own “unnatural laws” of some type. These laws often mean that pet shops will not even advertise their business openly on their web pages as all other companies do. As a result, we cannot even be assured that these stores are in business “officially” or that their owners are real people, as they often have no contact information.

What will you find when you visit a pet store? A huge variety of things like kibble, toys, food, water and care products can and do exist at these stores. At the best of times, the owners of these pet shops are also their customers. But often they do not appear to be happy with how their pet shop is being represented to the public. I don’t want to say that pet shops are bad because they are a “business” for a business, but this is not necessarily the best way to show how a pet shop works. At the worst of times, if we were to try to do a review of these pet shops, we would find that some of them were not in much better shape than they had been a few months ago.