Do you need a permit to sell dogs?

No, the county is responsible for making sure dogs are healthy and spayed, neutered and vaccinated. There are no permits required for sale of dogs from the county’s shelter. Only the Humane Society of Alabama is required to require a permit for purchase of puppies.

How much does it cost to buy a dog from the shelter?

It’s very easy to find out a dog’s price from online listings. Ask your potential buyer to look for an ad for a dog on, AL TV and other local newspapers. The most common price is $100 to $200. In addition to the sale costs, the owner also has to pay for veterinary bills and the dog’s new food and supplies. The sale price is just one part of the dog’s lifetime care costs.

How do I buy a service dog?

Service animals are the companions of people with disabilities, those trained to help people with physical or mental disabilities such as paralysis, blindness, epilepsy or other neurological conditions by providing a more direct and personal response to these disabilities. For more information on our requirements, please contact us at 334-444-4357 or email us at [email protected]

What do I call the human handler of a service dog?

The service dog’s human handlers are the people that work for the shelter, either on their own or under the supervision of a volunteer. If you are calling in at a shelter, please ask the shelter administrator to help you by calling the shelter’s main number and using the shelter’s hotline. Please also be specific when you call. Callers should be able to distinguish between an employee of the shelter and a rescue worker because of training and experience.

What if my service dog is a service dog working in conjunction with me for other purposes?

Service dogs are allowed on the premises. If a service animal is working or wearing a costume or other item that is inappropriate for a shelter setting, the employee who trains, supervises or uses the animal is subject to dismissal.

If a service dog is acting on its own or on behalf of somebody else, is it acceptable to tell the shelter manager or shelter manager’s manager who is the agent for whom it is working that my dog is under contract and I’d like them to sign the contract?

It is best if you work with a shelter manager in the first place to ensure the best conditions for your dog while you’re looking for employment. Ask for any information you might need about any