Do you need a permit to sell dogs?


Can dogs be purchased without the required permits?

Yes! You may sell a dog with your vehicle without a dog license if you have a local municipality permit for the area in which you are selling.

Is a dog a dangerous animal? What happens if it attacks another person or animal?

There is no requirement for a permit to own a dog for the protection of a person or animal. However, many states allow people to own an animal for protection of their property or family.

What is the best way to keep my pet contained? Will my dog injure my child or another person?

A responsible pet owner should only have to think about and worry about physical safety of their pet. While pet ownership is not recommended for children under 12 years of age, it is not a requirement to own such an animal.

You don’t have to give your dog to someone to keep, but there are some things you can do to assist in keeping a pet contained:

If you are not sure what to do, contact your local animal shelter or humane society for more information.

Ask your veterinarian and pet sitter about keeping your pet contained. You may need to take an animal to the Veterinarian or Sitter before having any surgeries.

Keep your dog contained until it is time to move your pet out of the home and to a designated location. Do not leave your pet unattended at home.

Do NOT leave a dog unattended during an emergency.
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If you must have a pet, always make sure you know where the dog will be kept.

What is responsible pet ownership?

People who own dogs should make sure that they have a good relationship with their pet and know how to properly exercise that animal to maintain physical health and emotional well-being. In some areas, there are requirements under which people can be issued a license to own a dog.

The laws of your area may require that pets be neutered, spayed, or microchipped if your dog is to be licensed and is larger than 18 lbs (0.50 kg). Some states also require that the license be carried with the pet during all activities.

The laws of your area may require that you have the license during the following activities:

Pets traveling between residences

Frequent use on public property

The license holder must be a resident and not on vacation.

Some states allow pet owners to walk their pet