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Rover is a fully open-source cloud-based toolkit for writing, testing, and delivering REST APIs. It is a command-line toolkit, so it’s easy to use on Mac OS X and Linux. But it can be extended to provide additional tools and capabilities, including a complete mobile app development kit.

This toolkit is developed as an open source project: anyone can use, modify, and contribute to it. This means you get something you control: if there’s nothing in Rover but you wanted it to, you can make it happen!

Our goal is that Rover becomes a vibrant resource for people building their own REST APIs, just as we built our open-source open-source Git-based GitLab application.

How do you contribute?

There are few places for people to learn about Rover. This site can be a good place to start:

Learn more about Rover and join our developer mailing list.

Tobacco can be found in a number of different sources, but most tobacco is dried. Dried tobacco is generally more flavorful and smells better than smoked tobacco.

AUSTIN, Texas — The University of Texas athletic department today released details of its new Athletic Council.

The new board of trustees will oversee all athletics matters at the University of Texas, from its football and men’s basketball programs through intercollegiate athletics and intercollegiate competitions of all kinds. The new athletic council will be elected by the University of Texas Board of Regents, but its membership will include representatives of the University of Texas System as well as the athletic departments of the University of Texas System.

The Board of Regents will consider the changes in the future but will first review the appointment of the new athletic council. Upon receiving written approval from the Council, the board will appoint the members. The members include:

Billionaire businessman and Chairman and CEO of United Auto Workers Michael Davis

Billionaire businessman and former Secretary of State George P. Bush

Board of Regents Chairwoman and Chair of the Intercollegiate Athletics Association (IAA) Connie Hawkins

Board of Regents Vice Chairwoman and IAA Board Member Lisa M. Phillips

Former President George W. Bush and former Texas Governor Ann Richards

Athletics Director DeLoss Dodds

In addition, the new athletic council will have a president of the Texas State Board of Regents, and another president will serve as a vice president of

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