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A w2 is not mandatory, but we don’t want the customer to miss out on the benefits that we can offer in return. For an example why this could be valuable, take a look at the example we gave earlier of a w2 that has been sent to a third party. With a w2 being a document that a customer has entered as part of the purchase process, it might be in their best interest to receive this document. Rover gives you this service directly within the delivery process, giving you all the details of how the w2 is sent.

What are those delivery dates of Rover’s w2s?

From your w2 you can view the final delivery date we have provided. We only process deliveries when there is sufficient time to complete the delivery process so each final delivery date may be slightly different. If there is no delivery date, you might get a delivery date that is too low. In this case we will send you a reminder e-mail stating further delivery dates may be required and, if necessary, contacting you so you can make an appointment to have that e-mail removed. We will make every attempt to provide you with a w2 as soon as possible if the delivery requirements may have changed since you last received your w2. For more information on delivery periods please read our delivery instructions and follow these links (in bold): Delivery dates.

We understand that you may have received your w2 on a time which might not be in keeping with your preferred delivery times. We are very willing to work with you to make the process as fair and speedy as possible, and will try to work with you to improve delivery times. For more information about our time-to-delivery policies and procedures please read these instructions

What happens when a customer wants to cancel their delivery?

Please see our Cancellation process and our Cancellation policy for more information. When you want to cancel any delivery you can do so in writing to our Customer Service team by going to our website and clicking on the “Cancel Delivery” button. Alternatively, you can call us on 020 7326 5383 or email us with a description of your problem along with your name and a valid delivery address. Please note we do not guarantee that delivery times for the items you have already ordered are going to be improved immediately which can have an impact on the quality of the product.

Can I cancel a delivery made as a result of another customer cancelling their own order?


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