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How much?

“The current model, we think, is the best we have seen with respect to the quality and performance we believe the average consumer is seeking in their transportation systems,” Mark Cooper, Waze’s chief marketing officer and co-founder, said in an interview. “This is our mission to empower humans to work more efficiently, and by doing so, we reduce traffic and pollution and improve overall air quality.”

Waze is a GPS-based vehicle-locating app that offers a variety of real-time traffic information along US highways. Its drivers use the app to predict the whereabouts of cars in their lane. The app has become so popular that the company has expanded the geographic region in which they are available.

“With each expansion,” Cooper said, “our customers have come across a lot more challenges and benefits.” And Waze has faced the challenge of managing expectations by creating a brand.

“Our goal was always to create technology that makes commuting a smooth, safe, simple experience for both travelers and drivers,” Cooper said. “For Waze, that means making it easy to find the information, and the tools it provides for travelers — from speed limits to traffic conditions and even weather — to make travel decisions that are more educated and informed.”

Rover is a car manufacturer that started in 1984. It was renamed in 2008 because it wants its name to be “transportation of tomorrow.” The company has been buying up pieces from old automakers, buying the brands of others and developing new technologies to differentiate itself from them. Its parent company, Hyundai Motor of Korea, is a major player in the auto industry, and in 2013 it bought another vehicle manufacturer in North America. As a result, it is one of America’s largest car manufacturers.

The most profitable models:

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The base version of Rover is sold in the U.S. and Canada. Its “super” and premium models are designed to be sold exclusively in the U.S. The super model — called Jauch or Jaguar — has a price tag that is about double the price of the base model. An extra charge, of about $500 to $1,000, is needed for extra features. These models have a variety of features, such as navigation, self-driving capability, automatic emergency braking and a lane-keep assist. Some of the most popular models for sales in the U.S. and other markets include the Hyundai and Toyota Sienna models.

Car manufacturers with similar products in

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