How can I bulk my dog naturally?

A few things:

Dogs are extremely social and will make great companions, and are a great asset to the life of a home or boarding facility.

Many of our canine clients are not housebroken, or do not want or are unable to put themselves in the environment to take a walk

Housing for a breed is more difficult if a dog is not a true “mature” dog, as an overgrown dog may not have the body and coordination to live quietly in a home with humans at all times.

If the dog is not housebroken, it may be easier to housebreak it.

If you do decide upon a natural diet and training program with your dog, we suggest that you consider starting with smaller and less intensive sessions, and eventually gradually moving up to larger workouts to prepare your dog for the housekeeping routine and help him adapt to the lifestyle.

How do I train a dog to stop biting with restraint techniques?

We do not work to “train dogs to stop biting.” We just use restraint techniques in order to reduce the number of biting incidents.

Some dogs exhibit a “bite threshold” while learning new restraint behaviors. Many of those dogs never bite again after they have learned restraint techniques.

These dogs do not always bite even when restraint techniques are applied, and that is not necessarily a sign of weakness, but rather the dog is simply learning how to control herself in situations where a dog owner might be unable to.
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What can I do to make my dog more assertive?

There are many techniques available for training your dog to be more assertive. This is especially true to older dogs that have not been conditioned to fear, to be gentle and confident, and to be playful.

These techniques come from many sources, and are all very good in their own ways. We like having them available.

I’m using a behaviorist for my dog. How can I get him to do obedience training?

The first key to having a good obedience trainer is to get him used to using an obedience collar. This will greatly increase your dog’s ability to obey commands and will greatly increase his confidence in his ability to obey commands properly.

When you are doing training on your own, ask your dog to be calm, listen and wait just slightly longer than is necessary. Let your child do both training and leading and only then start training. When the dog is calm, listen, wait a second or two and