How can I get my dog into modeling?

There are tons of opportunities for people to model as well as many options for dogs to participate in the show. You will have the opportunity to audition for one of the top companies working in the modeling industry. You will probably need to be a little more experienced than what you are working on now, but you will also need to be a good listener and a person in front of camera and be able to have patience. You will see the difference in the average dog modeling session from that of a puppy to an adult.

What is the best model training program?

There is no specific program that will work for everyone. However you can begin with individual trainers that will develop your skill. There are many great trainers like the one at They offer a variety of classes ranging from dog shows up through show quality and professional training that will help your animal become a good match for someone. This includes how to properly dress your dog, how to deal with your animal and your animal’s interaction with others. You need to be able to have patience with your dog at every step in training and make sure you are able to be calm and professional on camera (even when it might be your dog’s very first time being on camera).
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If my Dog is being trained, can the dog still show aggression?

Generally your dog will show what they are comfortable with and you can continue to train them as you see fit. If you are confident you can handle a dog that has some form of aggression it will be great to continue, but don’t take the job too personally as most dogs don’t have it and most owners see the best in everything they do with their dog, and they really do love to help their dog grow. So while the puppy will need training on how to show respect, when you are finished you can walk around or let the dog run freely to the corner of your yard or take it back to the house for some rest and relaxation.

What is the worst dog that I have ever owned?

You are looking at the worst dog ever that you have, you have a good chance that this is the dog that would have been the worst dog ever. You have created an impossible situation for the dog. The dog is not going to get along with other dogs as they don’t know each other very well. The dog is not going to learn from mistakes that you have made. The dog will always be on the edge of being fearful and wanting to run away to whatever you need