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By: Mike Tuchscherer from the UK

As a dog walker I have had to deal with a few oddball situations involving dogs and walkers. Many people think they have the answer to this, as this is always one of the first questions they get asked when the subject of walkers arises.

They think of walking a dog as the ideal job; “I would never walk a dog!”, they say. They don’t realise that there are plenty of opportunities and lots of work to be done outside work, with lots of people who are walking and dogs for clients.

There is much to be said for the benefits of walking a dog.

You learn a lot about a dog’s personality, how well you understand their needs and how you can better match your own needs to theirs.

One thing that makes it difficult to work closely with a handler is the fact that the handler often feels completely in control, and there is a constant push and pull between them. I know this happens in other countries but it is much easier to work with walkers who feel in control.

There is the danger that when walkers and dogs are left to their own devices they can get into difficulties – for example, an injured dog can get too far out of control with a walker chasing him. You have to keep an eye on him and do whatever you can to help him and don’t leave him unattended – even more so when walking on a muddy trail. When a walker does get too upset or get in the way, you might want to intervene.

I have never had an issue with a dog walking on its own, but when I have, a very small piece of advice would be to say “Don’t walk your dog alone”.

In one instance I know the owner was walking her dog on a leash whilst she was away with her friends. They left the dog outside, and she had two walkers waiting for the dog to walk into the house. When the dog approached and began to run, a walker yelled “stay off” and the owner pulled her walker out of her way and the dog walked directly into a fence. The walker then immediately took her dog to the walkers that were waiting outside, and they looked in their windows to watch what was happening.

It could have been completely avoided, and I would have found one or two new friends to hang out with.

In another instance, a dog walked on a leash

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