How can I start my own dog business?

Or start a non-profit puppy business? Are there any regulations or laws that apply to puppies? When can I start a business? How do I become a licensed animal breeder? I love puppies. How soon after birth can I put my puppy down? How do I care for or register my puppies? Is it better to train a puppy first (for example, with a certified professional) before we even take him to the vet? How can I pay for my dog’s vaccinations? I would like my puppy to be spayed/neutered. What can I do? Can dogs really understand human language? Should I let a potential puppy-maker know before we even start talking about breeding? Can we sell puppies online? How should I choose a reputable breeder?

If you’d like to find out what is happening with puppy buying and selling in your state/province, and how to start and run your own puppy company, please visit our information page here.

If you can, also check out our Breed-specific page for our national puppy buyers’ guide to dog breeds.

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If you would like to find out more details about a particular puppy, please contact us for the specific information. We will be happy to make a few general inquiries for you on this website. If you would like to ask us about your specific puppy, you can fill out our questionnaire

Puppy information

I want to know what my dog look like and what breed he is. Why? This is a vital question for prospective buyers. You’ll want to know the background and genetic makeup of your dog. Your breeder is also responsible for the care, training, and maintenance of your dog. The fact that your prospective puppy could be sick is a red flag to some people, so your breeder will want to make sure he has been well-liked and is currently healthy so that he can provide you with a good home for your puppy.

It’s also a good idea to research dogs by their sex, especially for puppies under one year old or for young pets. This is especially important if you are a female who is looking to adopt your own puppy. For information on how to spot sick or injured dogs, and how to help your fellow dog lovers, you should try our puppy health section:

Puppy buying

I’m an experienced buyer of puppies. How do I get started? First and foremost, be polite in your approach when