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You can easily start your own zoo if you have the right people and materials.

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This is the home of the original version of the original, and the only, “real” Mantis, the Mantis Mantis! I was going to make an old fashioned, old fashioned version of this, but I decided to bring home the best version, and make it mine. This is a one of a kind, made by the original maker as an original Mantis. It doesn’t have a blade yet, but I plan on adding one, eventually. I wanted a different look, with some metal pieces, and added a “dodge ball” feature, which makes it hard to miss where it is. The base it sits on has a bit of an irregular “edge” on it, which makes the Mantis look a bit odd from where it sits on the table. I can’t find an actual picture of this, but it comes from a video of a Mantis Mantis in action! It also came with two different colors of resin, and is quite rare. I will not be able to make the same one again. I bought it new off the floor at Home Depot! Just a little bit of a cost increase since it is a hard shell, but it is far superior to any of the cheap plastic Mantis’s I have used before! It can have up to 3 wheels on it, and will come with 10 extra wheels and 2 extra plates.

Sculpted by me, and laser cut. This is NOT a plastic item. I do it all out of my own home, out of a $5 set of craft foam. I use a very precise, exacting machine. If you are unsure of what to do here, watch the video or ask me

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