How do I start a successful dog walking business?

First, you’ve got to know what it is you are doing. Most dog walkers are not the nicest people to work with and many do not think twice about what they are about to walk their dogs through. Your best option is to establish a reputation for being an “expert”. Dogs deserve the best possible product that can provide the necessary assistance. You also need to understand that many people do not appreciate the sacrifices required to have a healthy relationship with their dogs. I have had to walk many dogs for many dog walking groups and have never had another group go through what I have to go through and still maintain a good relationship.

Secondly, your brand has to be built on a solid foundation like what many people believe, that dog walking is a fun and relaxing pastime. You’re going to be faced with lots of people telling you to stop the exercise. I have tried to tell people about the challenges that comes with working with a dog and have not received much interest. I did see that some of my former clients didn’t take my advice. If you think you’re an expert and that dogs are easy and fun to walk, then you’re going to need to show people why walking with dogs is a challenge. You also need to educate people that you will likely put in many hours of walking with dogs just to have a positive emotional impact.

I am a very good dog walker. The things that I am doing for my dogs are not always easy and I am never happy that I have to work at it. I have to do a lot of work if I want my dog to walk well. The amount of work depends on the dog’s breed, the size of the dog, how comfortable the dog is on his leash, how many dogs you walk, the size of your home, the size your dog is and how many dogs you can take on a journey. The amount of time you need to invest in training to teach your dog to walk with you may vary. I always get up at 6:00am and take a 20 minute walk through the house to allow my dog to calm down. A good dog walker has to be very focused on what their dog is doing and be able to explain why the dog is being walked well and what are the needs of the dog.

What if I don’t have time or money to walk?

Some dogs just have not had the proper training for walking. I would recommend that you have a trained trainer come as a client first as this