How do I write an ad for dog walking?

We recommend using a high-quality video ad, ideally produced by a professional, for maximum impact, especially in the digital age. We’re happy to provide our audience with free sample video ads. Please take a look at our list of great ad campaigns and contact us if you’ve got your own.

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I was born with a very strong, muscular body and was always a gym-goer. My parents never taught me in school about weight loss before I was seven years old. I always knew that I was skinny. I never had any doubts about my body size; my parents were the reason I wanted to look a certain way. I guess it’s not all about the body shape though. I think it’s more about taking the time to actually listen.

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I always wanted to be a writer. I always loved watching and imagining new worlds. I always had a huge fantasy about being a super hero! I read a lot of comics and I loved the fantasy of a long drawn out superhero adventure that had a dramatic climax. There were so many amazing adventures that I always wanted to experience.

In fact, I was in a very good mood when I entered my fifth grade class with an invitation from my school to go to the gym. My dad told me to come back the next day for some “cubing”. When we got there, I noticed a few kids were absent and as soon as they saw me, they all rushed in, hugged me and told big stories. Then they all started singing their favorite songs.

There are also stories that can be told about me from the first grade. In the playground, some kids who played with me often got into fights. Then one day I heard their story coming from across the playground. I couldn’t stand it and wanted to help but my older brother wouldn’t let me. So I started to wonder, what is it that these boys are fighting about? Was it the other kids being mean to them? It wasn’t until I went along with their story that I found out I was the bad guy.

We spent the next day with just the boys and my dad told me to be responsible and to try to have a good time. We did nothing to hurt anyone other than try to be cool. But then they told me one of the kids was the problem. He was just bad all the time and I hated him. I got angry at my parents and started yelling