How long should you walk a dog?

You can do plenty of walking a puppy right away! But, I would definitely recommend that you go on a few walks first. Do not just go to a park or anyplace where you are going to be running around without your dog first. If the animal makes any noise, you have to get up and have a conversation with it. I was walking a dog with no leash before and the person who came to check on me said that we were going too fast and would end up having to stop at the next stop to calm my dog.

Do you walk your dog outside or on the porch? There are a few dog parks that we have been to where we have also walked our dogs. You can also walk your dog on a leash outside and you don’t have to go through the post-work-out stress of waiting outside a door to go inside.

Can you walk a dog into a busy neighborhood or busy intersection to save on the parking cost? You do have to be a little careful not to run into oncoming traffic, but if you are carrying it in your arms instead of your belly, you should be fine.

Can I walk my dog and then take it to one of the dog walkers? I know there are dog parks all over town where you can walk your dog with a leash at the bottom of a parking ramp. You’ll have to let someone know that your dog is going to be in the yard. Sometimes there is still parking there even if your dog is on a leash and the dog walkers have been booked up for the day.

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Should I take my dog to the dog park? You will have to ask your dog’s owner if she is okay to walk their dog.

What type of leash should I use? It really depends on the breed of dog as well as the person who is keeping their dog. I typically use an elastic leash that is designed just for dogs. If your dog has a metal collars then you may want to try using the shorter wire type leash, sometimes these are easier to handle for smaller dogs as well. If you’re going to bring your dog to a dog park anyway, it’s best to make sure it is going to be handled by someone who is trained specifically to help keep your dog safe.

What if I do not like the look of my dog’s collar? In general, the collars you can get at dog parks tend to be of a better quality than the plastic ones that you can get at pet stores.