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Dog Walking, in the US and in most parts of the world, is the act of making your own dog a walking companion, so that he gets a safe chance to live.

Do-it-yourself dog walking or walking a walker, or “walking a dog”, is the act of getting your dog a walking companion, and getting her a free, enjoyable and rewarding life, which includes:

getting to know both your dog and yours (and your dog’s) needs, feelings and personality

learning new behaviors

learning different skills (if necessary!)

getting into “dog play,” which, as our parents would say, involves a “game” with your dog, or with a human

learning about your dog’s environment, and, if necessary, getting into it too!

What’s a good dog walking plan?

Before you go too far in any given direction, it’s really important that your dog is healthy and happy and healthy and happy in the present. Here are some basic rules of thumb for how to walk your dog in a dog-friendly way, but make sure that you check your own needs and your own priorities.

The basic guidelines are:

Always, ALWAYS take your dog to his home. When your dog walks in the neighborhood, your presence will also encourage other dogs.

Let your dog run loose and be your own dog’s safe sanctuary
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Be gentle (no rough physical exercise) with your dog when it’s uncomfortable, or when he’s acting out or being silly

Give your dog some exercise when necessary

If you see your dog acting excessively, or being silly or out of control, try walking a different direction and seeing if that changes it.

Look out for your dog’s physical needs, his comfort with the changes in his environment. If your dog is getting exercise he’s happy. If he’s getting more exercise he might be showing affection or getting some exercise he doesn’t need.

If your dog behaves unexpectedly, ask yourself, when you walk in the neighborhood, are you doing too much, or is it right?

If your dog is feeling well, you can take him out for a walk for sure, or, if your dog is not being well treated, ask your vet for advice.

A good dog walk is a “must have” for any dog owner!

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