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There are several restrictions on dogs walking in public parks.

They must always have their heads down and be on the ground, not moving.

The length of time that they can leave is also limited.

If they leave too quickly or too frequently, they could get into a dispute with other people.

If they leave a lot, this could annoy or upset the park visitor.

They shouldn’t be walking in a way that could cause damage to the park environment through their walking.
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What should you do if your dog is walking in the park without your knowledge?

People can ask their local council for advice from the Pest Management Authority.

What should I do if my dog is walking around in the park and the other people in the park don’t want them close to the park?

If you notice your dog walking around in a park and other people don’t like it, you might want to get them out of the area and try to work out how other people feel about your dog.

This will allow you to find out what their intentions are, before you go ahead and start an argument with them.

You can ask to talk to the person behind you, or to the other person.

You don’t have to ask if they don’t approve, just that they won’t be a nuisance and will let you, a dog and children inside.

If your dog is still doing a bad job and you’ve had enough of it, you can politely ask them to leave and leave them be.

If your dog is going to cause some problem, and nobody else wants them, you might want to report them and the dog to the Animal Behaviour Unit at Park and Ride Services for an investigation to see if they are causing more problems than they are worth.

What is a ‘no reason to be on the parks’ list?

Do keep in mind that this list is just a guideline for you to adhere to when you are on the parks.

Some parks want you to have a specific reason for why you are still in the park, with or without a reason to be.

If you are stuck in one of these, the best thing to do is get out of the park asap, so that you don’t get stuck in any trouble.

It is up to you whether you want to accept the excuse that the park is full – it really shouldn’t be. It may cause you to

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