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In South Carolina, a dog can be carried in the car trunk of the driver of a vehicle, provided that the dog is kept on leash and the owner or dog’s designated person is present. Dogs are also permitted to be in the vehicle if one of the people in the vehicle is a person with a disability, a service animal, or an emotional support animal.

A dog may not be carried in the truck, or in an approved carrier if it is not wearing a collar. A dog who is wearing a collar must not be left unattended. A dog on a chain, leash, or harness, however, is permitted to be in the vehicle. Dogs must have a harness so it can be pulled securely and the collar fixed. The owner must also have the following:

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Proof of proper health;

Proof of identification;

Proof of vaccination;

Proof that the dog is kept on a leash and not chained.

S.C. Code Ann., § 53-6-2.1.

Can I carry my cat?

You can carry your cat outside of the car on the shoulder of an adjacent roadway. In South Carolina, only cats under the age of 12 are allowed to be carried on the shoulder. South Carolina law does not address how many cats can be carried on cars.

You cannot carry your pet in a carrier.

Can I carry my cat with me?

No. Cats are strictly prohibited in the car, regardless of size.

Can I bring a pet in with me?

S.C. Code Ann., § 53-6-22.

Can I hold a pet in my vehicle?

Yes. In South Carolina, pet owners can carry their pets in their vehicle unless the pet is a service animal or accompanies the person who is driving the car on the roadways during the time it takes to cross to and from the airport.

S.C. Code Ann., § 53-6-21.

Can I take a small dog or cat in the car?

You can take an authorized service animal, or a cat, in the car with you if the animal is wearing a harness.

How many dogs can I leave outside the car?

The owner of each pet must be responsible for all pets found in their car. A service animal is any animal that:

S.C. Code Ann., § 53-6-34.


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