How much does a pet sitter make?

A person can make somewhere between $50,000 and $250,000 a year sitting around the house doing nothing. You could probably take it easier and get a minimum-wage job that pays half the people’s salaries, but it’s important that people know how much a person makes. Here are the top five countries where you can go to jail for making less than $5 an hour.

1. China

2. Indonesia

3. India

4. Malaysia

5. Mexico

You really can’t buy more than $5.65 an hour in China, which has the second-highest minimum wage of any country. The cheapest way to make sure you don’t get arrested is to not pay at all – many restaurants and bars are not open 24 hours, and you can’t find a job as a caretaker in an apartment building unless you know how to speak Chinese. Even if you do get caught, the penalty is so low that you could just walk away without any penalty whatsoever – for this reason, the police rarely catch it for you.

8. Where do you get your hair cut?

Most countries in the world have free access to a hair salon, and some even allow you to get your hair done in your own home. In a country like the US, on the other hand, it’s still almost impossible to find a place to cut your hair without a license or some sort of payment in cash. Haircutting is still very much illegal in many European countries anyway.

7. What do prostitutes talk about?

Prostitution is illegal everywhere in the world, even in places like North America. Many governments see prostitution as having too many negative social effects to continue allowing it, but for many countries it remains a profitable and highly profitable activity, and they find it hard to enforce any kind of laws against it. Some countries consider prostitution only punishable by fines and jail time, while some consider it a social good. Regardless, prostitution remains illegal worldwide, and prostitution is a highly illegal profession in Europe as well.

6. Where do you get your nails done?

Some regions in the world don’t allow nail salons, including the UAE, Malaysia, and Mexico. However, the United States has never banned a service that offers nails services, partly because the industry is highly organized and illegal, and partly because people can get jobs by doing a service at someone else’s salon.

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