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Please note that there are many different types of licences. A license is a piece of paper issued by a designated body of civil or criminal law, and it is valid for a period of 6 months from the date it is issued. The fee for a pet shop Licence is €5.

In general, the pet shop license provides a number of different rights available to a pet shop owner, according to whether the pet shop is licensed or not.

Licence Restrictions

The license permits the pet shop owner in charge of the shop to hold a pet store licence for a period of 6 months from the date the Pet Shop License is issued, after which time it is considered to be void and is no longer valid.

The license grants the pet shop owner the right to sell items, either on behalf of the owner or not under the authority of him. The pet shop owner cannot own both a pet shop and an animal rescue centre.

Restricted Possibilities

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This license does not permit any of the following: advertising, selling, offering for sale, making sales, trading in animals – even if this allows the dog to come home, even outside of the shelter.

It also does not permit the pet shop owner to sell any goods other than food and water.

The license has no effect on whether the owner of the shop is allowed to accept payment through a credit card or cash at the time of service for an animal.

Pets allowed

You are allowed to bring any animals into the shop and keep them for as long as you wish at the same pet shop. It is therefore necessary to provide proof of veterinary care to assure that no animals are confined in there without veterinary care.

Pets allowed in the shop will be permitted (only if accompanied by a person with the license, so they cannot be seen by customers or others)

Birds and reptiles: No pets, they are not allowed in this shop

Birds and Reptiles: No pets, the only exception to this is if one has a license to keep a small number of birds that they must make space to feed them on a regular basis.

Birds: No pets

Cats: No pets – their owners must provide them with food as they are allowed to keep an unlimited number of animals inside and out of their shop, they are not allowed to let them out to be walked.

Dogs: No pets – their owners must provide them with food

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