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Your zoo license will allow you to hold animals in your zoo. You must be licensed for an area of the zoo that is licensed to host animals in and hold animals. If you apply for an animal care licence for a zoo, the animals are also considered zoo animals.

Are all zoo animals licensed?

Yes. There are 4 types of zoo animals licensed. Each kind of animal is licensed individually and a separate licence is needed for all of the animals in that kind of zoo so we are able to manage the number of animals in the zoo, the species included in the animal care licence, as well as other important aspects such as housing of livestock or livestock facilities. This is the type of zoo animal that you need to be licensed for in order to host.

Types of Zoo Animals Licensed Animals Species Licence Type Animal Types Licence Amount 1 Animal care and care of animals including animals in the care of zoo, veterinary or zoological services licensed £22,735.00 2 Animal care and care of animals in the care of zoos licensed £637,939.00 3 Animal care and care of animals in the care of zoos in conjunction with zoological or veterinary services licensed £3,837.00 4 Animal care and care of animals in association with a zoological or veterinary service licensed £3,500.00

What does this licence mean?

The licence will enable you to provide:

a private zoo and aquarium

an animal care centre and care facility

a home for livestock in co-operation with a veterinary, zoological or zoo service

an animal care farm, a large animal breeding station, an animal care facility or a large animal breeding farm

an animal care enclosure

a suitable and suitable place to host animals

the ability to have a licence.

How much is it?

The cost of your licence will be assessed by the authority to whom you are licensed.

What happens if I move to a new suburb?

If you want to move your zoo to a new suburb or town your zoo can be licensed in your old suburb or town.

If you want to move to a new part of the country, the area where you are licensed will be the areas where you are licensed in the new suburb or town.

How long does the license last?

It will last on a three year term.

Can I bring animals into my zoo?


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