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You may buy as few as 3 licences, 5 licences or as much as 30,000 licences, for a total value of £2.15m, although this may not be the same person as the one you are buying the licence from. This would make a total of £1,080,000

What if I want to hold several zoologists at one time?

You must have at least 1 licensed keeper to hold the licences you need to hold several animals.

I can’t get one of the licence forms, can I get one at the shop?

Yes, you can buy a licence application form from any veterinary pharmacy.

I don’t have any zoo pets. Can I still care for them?

Yes. You do have unlimited care for your zoological pets during your lease, even at weekends when they are not out and about.

What if I leave the zoo and the other animals are already at another zoo?

All animals, including those not on your lease, are expected to be kept in good condition. There are a number of ways of keeping your pets in good health, which can include keeping them in the zoo, using a vet clinic, keeping them in a pen at the zoo or being home-reared.

How do I tell if my animals are healthy?

Make sure they are in good health in their cage, pen or in their enclosure. If these criteria are not met, they will need medical attention.

Does the zoo have anything for disabled animals?

Yes. There are a number of specially appointed animal care teams that help you care for your pets. If you are disabled, you can contact your vet to have the necessary equipment, and contact them before you check in to see if you can move your pet.

If you are looking to move a pet from the zoo please check with your keeper to see if it can be moved into its new home at a later date.

Is a zoo licence valid until I die? Are there any limits on when I can use it?

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Yes, you are allowed to hold the licence for as long as you require it, but the current licence holder cannot use the zoological property after it is no longer in use for public admission purposes.

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