How much is insurance for a dog walking business?

I really love the quality of your service. I live alone in one of the best towns in the area so I’m very picky when it comes to my pets. I’ve always taken the extra step of getting them checked by a professional to be sure they are healthy but these doctors were very quick with the diagnosis. With all the great advice provided, my pets are doing great now with no issues whatsoever. Would truly appreciate if someone could send me an updated picture of them so I can check them out?

Is it safe to have a puppy around a children under 10 years old? What should I do if I can’t vaccinate her?

I am a 17-year-old student and I am looking for the most suitable pet for me. I was told that since a puppy can’t bite someone for a long time, this is not really a problem for me! My question is, with a child under 10, are they going to get bitten a lot while they play or are they going to get them in the eyes and face? I have 2 small boys and 2 girls of my age. I was worried that a lot of the boys are just going to get scratched or scratched themselves by the other ones. Any thoughts?”

How do i get my money back after giving my pup an oral dose of fen-phen?

I’ve tried using a prescription medicine from any vet but this was by far the cheapest and best way for me to do that. I only gave 2 doses of the medicine and my pup took them all and the doc said she took them all. I just want to be sure that I don’t give the whole package and it might ruin her for life. I live in Australia, not a Vet that I’ve been to here that I’ve seen that’s the only vet in the whole country with a clinic so not sure. I’ve gotten a few negative remarks from people on here but now my vet is telling me she would like me to do it again. I’d like to be sure if the dose was good and then she can tell me if it was the best way? Thanks in advance.”

“What is a pet insurance company?”

is this true about all pets insurance companies?

Better Business Bureau warns would-be pet owners about online ...

Puppy or adult care clinic (in OH)

im looking to find a good pet daycare in the area and im trying to find answers for these questions”

What is a cost comparison service?

Can you provide me a good