Is dog walking a good business? – Pet Business At Home

The business of dog walking is quite different than normal dog walking. This is due to dogs getting a lot more exposure to people and also a lot more people walking their dogs in public parks. This is due to people walking dogs much more to people’s parks and not only just around the side of their houses with people playing around them.

What is the average length of stay for dog walking?

There is no fixed rule, but generally a dog must be around 10 to 12 hours per day at a minimum for a short visit. This is normally between two and six miles. A dog owner has some leeway of when they expect a dog to be available for a visit.

Are dogs allowed in my dog park or does it need to be enclosed?

A dog park should have a dog park entrance area. The dog park entrance area must have either a fence, wire, or a metal mesh and be clearly marked at both ends for identification purposes and must be enclosed to prevent wildlife (including possums and possum/kangaroo hybrids) from getting to the enclosure and causing harm.

Can I have a dog walking company walk my dog?

You can have a dog walking company walk your dog. The company could be affiliated with a particular dog walking training centre. They were usually owned by a trainer from an accredited dog walking centre. These companies were provided with training in a supervised and regulated manner. The training has to be supervised by a qualified person. Dog walking companies are usually only allowed in the areas they’ve trained in. If there was a dog park nearby, they could stay there. It’s possible the company was not authorized to provide such services in that area.

What can I do with my dog?

Can I be fined or jailed for leaving my dog unsupervised?

The state has very strict animal handling laws. It’s an offence to do anything that would likely harm the dog or cause any harm to it.

What can be a pet dog’s owner responsibilities after their dog is left alone?

All puppy owners have a responsibility to the health and well being of their pet. When your dog is properly fed and exercised your pet will respond to you. Make sure they are out of the house and out of the heat if the weather is hot. If the weather is not hot get the dog outside and keep it in a heated car seat. In extreme heat the owner needs to cool the dog as quickly and safely as safely possible.

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