Is dog walking a taxable service? – Pet Business Insurance Providers Ukulele Songs

The answer will depend on the state.

You don’t have to pay for dog walking expenses if you’re only walking one pet. But if you’re feeding another dog – even if you’re out of town – you might have to pay.

If you were to give a dog an annual service fee, it’d be $500, according to the A-F Guide to State and Local Taxes and Duties. That’s $3.50 per day for a dog, or $600 a year. (For comparison, a dog is $1,300 for two hours of walking, though that price will vary depending on the breed.)

The A-F Guide to State and Local Taxes and Duties. What is a tax? If it’s a state tax that applies to you and your dependents, you’re required to pay it. For example, Arizona and Texas require an annual tax of $1,100 for each dependent child who is under 18.

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