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I have walked a hundred and eleven dogs since I was five, in a world where one dog can be defined as a ‘walking companion’ with some people calling it ‘walking’. The truth is that walking is a big part of the Dog Nation lifestyle and part of the DNA that all dogs have. When you have one dog you know what his ‘way’ is and how he is going to get around. If you have two dogs, you know where to look for that new trail to explore that your puppy will find so that you can keep up. But if the dog has been wandering for years or a lifetime on a leash, or has died, you don’t know that. Not knowing that a dog would not be looking for something new or something new is as stupid as not knowing what’s out there. Not learning to be curious about the world of dogs is the one constant part of this country’s history that everyone needs to understand. Many of us have adopted dogs from these situations to have ‘companions’ who are their true self. This means that they are more free and they know how to find their way, and they know how to navigate through the world without a leash. You, your dog, you know the kind of dog that will be an ambassador for you. You are your dog’s best friend, and should share in what you love.

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2. When I adopt a dog, does the dog get a place in my life? I have always believed that dogs were meant to be with people, but I can’t give up my dog, even though it has taken over most of my days. Dogs are my greatest joy. That said, that is where we can be ‘too far’ away. My husband wants to adopt a dog, and I still love him with all my heart but we are very far apart from the dog love. I still want a companion dog, but I am a single woman. It is not healthy to lose a family pet, just as being together with a dog is not healthy. I think that if we stay together long enough, we will have our lives together again. The dog is going to be there with us, and I will be with those who love him. We will have our ups and downs, but we will always come together and be a unit. We love dogs! The dog does not know what’s happening inside of me! When my dog is happy and my heart is filled with hope, I become a good person and I like to help people.


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