Is walking more than 4 dogs illegal? – Clever Pet Sitting Business Names

Yes. Can you walk more than 5 dogs? No, you cannot. Can you walk more than 6 dogs? No. Can you walk more than 7 dogs? No, it is illegal to own large dog or animals. It’s also illegal to own dogs at any time or on any land. Dogs that run, play with themselves, or come towards people with their owners as if to be led are considered wild!

How do I get my dog registered?

When you get your dog registered, it should say that you are a licensed dog owner in the dog’s registration box.

Do you have a pet insurance?

There is always a possibility of losing or getting damaged your pet insurance, but most of the pet insurance companies have policies that cover walkers. In many cases, the walkers can have a “no walkers and dogs” policy that also covers walkers.

If you have a pet insurance policy that you have not signed up for yet, please email us your questions.

The United States and Cuba have agreed to restore diplomatic relations, ending a half century of Cold War hostilities which had ended only six months before.

President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro made the announcement in a meeting at the White House today.

It came after months of discussions and an election in which Cuban voters overwhelmingly sent a clear message to Mr Castro.

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Barack Obama, Cuban President Raul Castro and US President-elect Donald Trump shake hands after the president-elect’s victory

Mr Trump announced earlier this month that he would formally recognise Cuba as a US territory by a January 20th deadline which he said he expects this week.

US lawmakers have approved a bill to extend Obama’s 2015 re-inauguration as president by five years which would have given him some leeway on Cuba measures.

However the bill also allows for the possibility of a partial restoration of relations which could take some time because the US Congress may not end its five-year ‘travel ban’ on those from Cuba.

The Cuban ambassador to the United States, Luis Vielma, said in a statement that a deal was in place which would ensure continued diplomatic ties.

‘We’re pleased to announce the historic end to a half century of hostility, fear and doubt, and to move towards the first full, free and fair chapter of the 50-year relationship between the United States of America and Cuba,’

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