Is walking more than 4 dogs illegal? – Pet Sitter Business Card Ideas

No, walk in a single family residence unless your home can handle your dogs for any length of time. If you’re traveling for work make sure you bring a working adult dog and a working adult dog only if you plan on visiting long distances (3-6 months) – otherwise you may be breaking the law.

For more information, visit the State Department of Agriculture.

What are the penalties in Indiana for walking your dog in public?

If your dog has bitten someone in Indiana, you could be charged with a misdemeanor. The penalty range is up to $150, though the maximum is $500 and up to 3 years imprisonment. The law does not specify a specific type of dog, but the laws on the books for dogs can vary widely from state to state and even from county to county.

The Indiana Supreme Court of Appeals has upheld many dog bite laws in previous cases but other courts found that dog owners don’t have a constitutional rights to their dogs.

If an incident involving your dog occurred at a public place, whether in Indiana or out of state, you are free to leave and go to your home to clean up before returning to the spot where the incident occurred. The law does not specify how you’re allowed to leave and return, but you likely won’t be arrested.

Are there any restrictions on how long I can bring my dog in public?

Indiana law sets no limit on how long your dog may be around public places, so long as it is in service and in good health and not a hazard to the public.

When traveling by car in Indiana you can have your dog on a leash, but you aren’t responsible if your dog bites another vehicle.

For more information, see the State Police Website.

What happens if I hit a child or other pet while walking my dog in Indiana?

Indiana does not have any laws on child liability in dog walkers.

Can I get a citation and pay a fine if I hit a child or other pet while my dog is in my custody?

Citation and fine laws also apply to pets.

Do dogs have to wear identification?

No. Dogs that are kept in any private place without having a tag affixed, can still be owned by the owner without tag.

How much is a license? What types of licenses are issued?

Indiana has no licensing fee for dogs of any age or class.

Dog licenses are a valid

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