Should I leave the TV on for my dog? – Pet Walking Business Names

Yes, you can. I strongly recommend leaving the TV running through at least 3 hours of day – 5 hours – so the dog will not get exhausted.

I do not have a dog that is very active and would prefer the TV down at night (or day). Can I play with the TV on in the living room?

Absolutely! This TV is not meant to be played with by a large dog. If you play with it too long, you will find your dog is bored – and you’re not going to be happy that you gave up that opportunity.

Please note that the TV requires a power cord. For the best view, it is not necessary to have a power outlet nearby.

What are the settings for the TV?

I can set the TV to a bright, bright and not bright setting from my home-viewing position. This is useful when there is a lot of activity on the TV and it is difficult for the dog to see all of them at once (or if your dog is not in the kitchen or sitting on the couch – it is not recommended to turn the TV brightness on more or less than 90° to the floor).

What would be an ideal setting?

All dogs need some brightness – a TV is no different. For example, on many TVs, with a brightness of at least 150 cd/m² (or 50 cd/m² if you are using an LED TV, which will provide more lumens than the standard HDTV), you can get a bright, bright, dark looking TV. Unfortunately, most humans are not able to easily find the brightest setting. But, in the very unlikely event you manage to find the right setting, here is a list of settings I use, in terms of brightness, for a standard HDTV with a brightness of at least 100 cd/m²: 30-40 cd/m² 60-80 cd/m² 100-150 cd/m² 200-400 cd/m² 500-2000 cd/m² 600-4000 cd/m² 1000-4400 cd/m² 1400-2400 cd/m²

If I change to a brighter setting, will I be able to see the TV clearly anymore?

The brighter a setting your Dog requires, the less they see. A 100 cd/m² setting is actually not the brightest setting. Even the most bright setting on a TV will provide enough light to see the screen.

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