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If you have a question about your earnings from paid apps, we recommend that you take a look at the earnings chart below. It gives an overview of your most recent paid app’s average sales, average revenue and average number of downloads. You can also search for users and devices within this app.

Average Gross Revenue: $1,079 – $1,749

Average Cost to install and download: $0.04

What is your average paid app?

This chart shows the average number of installs and downloads for each app that you’ve purchased during the past 3 years in the Google Play marketplace.

I’ve always considered myself to be as passionate as I am about the world of craft beer and brewpubs. After having worked as an employee on several small and independent craft beer brewpubs (B.O.B. in Colorado with co-founder and brewer Bill Boudreau, Perennial in Vermont and several more over the years) I became an avid “watcher” of trends and developments in each of them. It wasn’t long ago I made some of the same observations about this burgeoning industry I now call home and I wanted to provide some general insight on how I view it.

There is a great deal of misinformation out there about brewpubs, so let’s start at the best place for beer and wine knowledge and let it take us all the way to the bottom where we get to know and appreciate great beers in fine environments. You may have heard of a couple of beers that are on the list I included. Many of you have probably seen them. However, these beers may not be the best places to drink beer. It’s not their fault. Beer is expensive. It’s also a very complicated topic, and there’s nothing wrong with being passionate and thinking you know something, but it’s easy to get a little lost in the details if you don’t understand the basics first. What’s the point of this document to you, though? Well, what I’m outlining below will show you just what your favorite brewpubs are and what they offer to the craft beer consumer, and how you and I can help spread the word.

Let’s start with our top 3 (and soon to be the 4th) for most loved by craft beer geeks and beer drinkers:

#1: Oskar Blues Brewing Co. – Oskar Blues Brewpub

Oskar Blues Brewing Co. In a word, great

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