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Dogs that have not been bred for a given breed are not suitable for full work.

For example, the Cairn Terrier may work in a household for a bit on delivery. However, they are not suitable for household work as they are not very quick for the job.

What dogs are unsuitable for full time workers?

Dogs that have not been bred for a given breed are not suitable for a job in homes or small businesses.

For example, the Dachshund does not have a lot of stamina and is not a good horse handler.

Other than that, other than some exceptions, dogs can be a good asset for jobs in households, or small businesses, such as a veterinarian for an elderly family, as long as you are able to take them on holidays and leave them at home at times such as meals.

Do I need to work with dogs?

There is no need to get involved with dogs as a professional trainer. But if you are keen to learn and want a few tips to train your dog for a job, check out my video guide to training your dog!

As long as you’re able to do a job, dogs do not require training and you should be able to take on any responsibility without any extra effort.

So, if my dog is working for me now, what next?

In this article, I talk about two issues that are commonly asked about working dogs, and why they are a waste of time: cost and responsibility.

If your home is full of dogs, and one isn’t trained properly, how you decide which is best for you, is for you to decide.

However, if your dog has been trained successfully, is well behaved and you can do the jobs with them without spending too much time on them, then a dog will likely be an asset for your home, and will likely be trained well.

If you are a business owner, it is important to consider that your canine employees might be able to work in smaller businesses, or to get them into a bigger business faster before they need to retire.

If you are a family, or small business owner, who thinks a dog might be a good fit in your household, then you might consider buying them from a reputable professional breeders’ club such as the UK Kennel Club, the Kennel Club UK, or the Club Canine for Life.

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