What insurance do dog walkers need? – Pet Business Insurance Coupon Code

If you are working on a regular basis, you do not need to carry insurance for an animal walker.

However, all dog walkers, even owners that do not own pets, should check if their dog is insured and what it is called if anything in a contract should be read in a different way than in words.

Most dog walkers are not considered to be carriers of dog liability until they apply for a permit from the city. Your city should have your name on the permit list if you are a regular dog walker or if you have a business that requires an annual permit.

Dogs: Are they covered?

An animal walker does not need to have proper insurance to walk any animals when it is the owner’s pet. However, some insurance companies will still ask about your dog in the contract.

An animal walker will only walk with a permit if they are in possession of the animal’s registration, identification (see above) and insurance.

Do you need an owner’s permit?

An owner’s permit is the standard form of insurance required to be licensed as an animal walker. The permit is issued by the government. Usually, you will need the permit to operate the premises (as an owner, not a dog owner) of your business. There is a fee for a government issued dog permit, however, you may be able to get a waiver if you are looking to be involved in the business of dog walking.

This type of insurance may be optional; though, with proper documentation, you will have no trouble obtaining it.

A pet insurance broker can sell you a policy that can be obtained by a government-issued dog permit.

If you do not provide proper documentation of who your dog is and where it is being exercised, your business may be in violation of the local law.

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