What is the profit margin on dog food?

In the United States the profit margin from raw dog food, is about $0.50 or less per pound. On average $0.50 is enough to cover the shipping and handling costs of the dog food. Because raw dog food is so expensive and difficult to handle, some producers prefer to sell their dog food as “finished” for a certain price per pound before it is packaged.

Where can I find dog food from America?

Here you can find many suppliers, such as Cargill, Pet Nutrition, SPCA of America, Pet Health Institute, Pet Industry Council and American Association of Retired Persons, and many other sources of raw meat dog food.

What do people buy with their raw dog food?

A good source of raw dog food is a food preparation company. If I wanted to purchase just dog food for my dog I should go to one of those. However, if I want to buy dog food for more than one dog then one of the many suppliers will have it, and if you see one of those the name of the dog food company should show.

Where can I get dog food from abroad?

If you see a food maker in a foreign country and would like to order raw dog food for a certain quantity that will fit in the grocery bag then you will want to search for companies that produce raw meat dog food.

What is done with raw meat dog food?

All raw meat dog food, is processed to a high standard but some raw meat food companies will add their own ingredients, spices and seasonings to give an individual dog one extra special flavor.

Raw meat food for dogs

Some of the common raw meat products:

Bulk raw dog food

Cooking raw meat

Meat and poultry seasoning


Dietary supplements

Raw meat dog food

Some of the common raw food products used by people for dogs:

Raw meat snack mix (cheese and other dried meats)

Raw meat dog biscuits (wheat flour is used and a small quantity of whey cheese is added)

Other pet foods for dogs

You will also find people buying and trading other dog foods

Some people choose to sell raw dog food so that there are no hidden fees and fees that aren’t required by law.

Other dog foods – are you worried about this.

US pet food sales hit US$36.9 billion in 2019, says APPA ...
Most people have their concerns, not all. Raw meat diets can