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You’ll save money. You’ll get the same level of walk as a regular person walking. That’s if you want to walk for the same amount of time a person would. There is no “walk for the same amount of time on the same location that you could walk” – that’s not good business.

The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent called it a “very, very big political victory.” “The fact the White House got a message that it can rely on,” the Post’s Ben Terris said, “is a very, very big political victory.”

No, it’s an “elusive” one, as MSNBC moderator Chris Matthews called it.

It may be the first step towards dismantling the federal government, with a major victory for one of the left’s most dedicated and effective political forces — the Tea Party.

The Tea Party has long sought to undermine the country’s most basic infrastructure. It has demanded more spending on government programs, and particularly on welfare programs such as food stamps, and it has attempted to force cuts into the safety net with its budget proposals.

There is just one problem, the Tea Party insists. The government is run, not by Democrats and Republicans, or even by “crony-capitalists” — a charge it has successfully used against both the Obama administration and the Tea Party.

“They’re not a bunch of cronies,” the Tea Party declared in March 2010, in a memo laying out its strategy for reestablishing political control of a dysfunctional government.

“They’re not just Republican or Democrat insiders, but people on Wall Street, they’re people in big business, they’re people in big labor,” wrote a Tea Party leader, Ralph Reed.

The Tea Party, or Tea Party Nation, was founded by a former Wall Street trader and GOP consultant, Ralph Reed. But the group’s leaders are, more or less, the same people who have been at the forefront of Republican efforts to weaken and ultimately abolish the New Deal and to gut social safety nets. The Tea Party has been involved in a number of battles, sometimes with the encouragement and help of liberal media outlets such as The New York Times. But in all those battles, the Tea Party has always played by its own rules and by its own rules only.

The Tea Party has always opposed the New Deal, for instance. A letter from the Tea Party to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the early 1940s outlined the group’s opposition to the

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