Why do dogs zig zag when walking?

Dogs are able to detect movement by using different senses in a way similar to humans. Dogs have olfactory receptors in their nasal passages, a sense of smell that allows them to detect the presence of another dog. This is different than humans, who use another sense to detect the presence of another person. Dogs also have the same sense of touch in the mouth, called “sniffing.” To find a dog’s own scent, he or she may sniff through a dog’s fur, the pads on his feet or the inside of his mouth.

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Is it possible to train a dog to stop zig-zagging when people walk by?

Dog dogs can also be taught to stop zig-zagging if they hear a sound and see a person approaching. If they hear the sound again, they may follow the sound or look toward the sound to see a new person’s location. This technique can also be used to teach dogs to stop zig-zagging when they hear someone walk by.

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The first game is between Cal and San Diego State, set for a Thursday night football game in San Diego. The second between Oregon and Washington and the third between Utah and Washington State. I really don’t blame them for wanting a Thursday night football game.

In the Coliseum, the first game starts with a pregame concert, at 5:40 p.m. There is actually an intermission (5:46-6:02 p.m.), but that’s not where people stay. It’s a lot like a concert, which is another way of describing that first game. It’s a way for people to get the party going. They play softball and volleyball and football and wrestling and hockey and lacrosse – all three of those games. So, it’s a nice pregame environment. This is a big, beautiful venue. It’s not a nice venue or one people would like to hang out in. A lot of people don’t like the Coliseum.

And what can we say about a football game in San Antonio? What’s good about a football game in a football game?

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