Can I make money from my pictures? – Shutterstock

Yes, yes you can! Your pictures have no copyright. However, you may do whatever you like with your pictures. There are two main uses for pictures: advertising and making money. With the exception of advertising, you may make money off of any pictures you take. You can sell your picture directly to a gallery, post it on your website, etc. Some pictures must be posted before showing on your website: You may post your pictures online as an ad-free page. Or you may pay a fee.

You may contact the photographer’s gallery to request permission to feature your picture in their gallery. If you have permission from the gallery, you may also use your picture in commercial or commercial-sponsored advertisements. Note: The photographer may ask to have the picture removed at any time. You are not allowed to post the image on any other service, but you are allowed to use it in your own photos. Note also that you cannot post the image on another gallery site or site. (As an exception, you may provide them with a link to your own website, but the photographer must be provided with complete control over the site.)

You may advertise your pictures on other sites that will not remove your picture. (Such as Google Images, but please note that you are restricted to ad-free uses.)

You may ask the photographer for a non-photographic use like, say, a photo of your face. Some images may be removed by the photographer, as well. Some photographers are more reasonable than others when it comes to removing your picture and asking others to remove their own picture. For example, a portrait photographer will remove your picture if the artist does not offer a non-photographic use. If the photographer does not remove the picture, it is illegal to use the picture. Of course, you might be able to ask the photographer to remove your picture to create a creative effect, or to protect your copyright. You must let the photographer know you will request their full authorization before using their picture.

How do I know if I’ve posted my picture on another site? Please be patient, this can take a very long time. If the picture was posted before its permission was granted, you need to do whatever you can to get it removed from the site where it was posted. There are other sites which might not allow you to use the picture. If the picture was posted on a non-featured site, please report it to the site’s administrators. If you see the picture, it will have

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