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A few of the most popular photo editing programs include Photoshop, GIMP and Lightroom. The latter two are open source and available for free. As of May 2014, Adobe claims that GIMP is the most widely used Adobe Photoshop alternative out there. Here are a few ways you can make some money with Photoshop:

Adobe Creative Cloud:

Adobe’s Creative Cloud service offers free unlimited photo editing on over 40,000 image and video-editing and design apps. The service also supports a variety of editing tasks including image editing, video editing, and more. This is how you can earn money just by uploading your image files and creating a page with them.

Photoshop CC:

Adobe released Photoshop CC on December 1, 2012 as the next version of their professional photo editing software. This program allows photographers to edit and create images with a variety of tools and effects. With Photoshop CC, you are able to create your own online templates to use on mobile, tablet, and desktop computers for print or web.

Photoshop Express:

Adobe started selling Photoshop Express last year, offering a free trial to its Photoshop CC customers. By using Photoshop Express, you are able to create free Photoshop desktop templates as well as Photoshop image-in-picture, GIF, and JPG templates. It’s a service that allows you to create a free design of your own custom images.

Adobe After Effects:

Adobe announced in 2014 that it will release an advanced editor to improve upon the current Photoshop, GIMP, and Lightroom products. Adobe After Effects is a free tool that allows Photoshop artists to create digital visual effects that use software to edit images and videos. It is an expensive product but offers a powerful free editing product called After Effects CC.


Adobe acquired GIMP in 2013 for $150m. GIMP is an open source and paid software product that allows users to create their own digital visual effects and post them online. Many people use the program to create new artworks, including graffiti drawings, comic book art, logos, and more. With GIMP, you can also create 3D renders and animation using the program. The program itself provides a free trial version for you to start with. You can purchase a yearly license, which will give you access to all the features GIMP has to offer.

Can I make money with Illustrator?

Adobe is not

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