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You may be able to sell your pictures if you’ve obtained an official release of that picture, which may cost you a small fee.

Can I sell my photos online?

Not usually. A great amount of people use free sharing services like Flickr to share their photos, and some photo forums on the Internet allow users to upload entire collections.

But the main reason to post your photo collection online is to make sure you can still visit the same places to take photos that you know you can always look at. If you’re worried about privacy concerns, and don’t want other people knowing what’s on your wall, do what you can to block this sort of functionality on your own site. For those with more privacy concerns, Flickr’s own Privacy Policy is a good general guide on how you can protect your privacy online.

A long-running debate has ensued over the future of Bitcoin in the U.S. and Europe, as the currency is used more and more for online purchases like credit cards and online shopping.

There are a number of different ways to approach the currency — from government-backed currencies like the American dollar with their “back office” systems — to unregulated Bitcoin exchanges that allow people to buy and sell Bitcoins directly. The Bitcoin exchanges, many of them based overseas, have been the focus of a lot of attention in recent weeks.

The government of Estonia recently introduced a law declaring Bitcoin a currency on Dec. 13, after the country passed an Internet-related law making the currency legal there.

According to the website, which tracks global Bitcoin transactions, in December there were 15,300 transactions involving Bitcoin globally, compared with $15 million in November and only $5.23 million in October. The transaction volume was 4.9 times higher than the December figure from more than 3,600 transactions.

In addition, a report from the South Korean government found that Bitcoins helped raise more than $25 million for the charity-charity-charity foundation of Nobel laureate Ai Weiwei’s niece in February 2011.

In the U.S., the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is leading oversight over Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchanges. The central bank and the New York state Department of Financial Services have stated that they do not regulate Bitcoin. While it is unclear just how Bitcoin will deal with the current crisis, there are several states which already have their own policies around Bitcoin.

The biggest threat to Bitcoin is its potential for abuse and fraud. The

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