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Instagram can. Facebook and Instagram can’t. You must license your brand via SocialCam.

How’s this for an interesting experiment? Try this one for your next marketing stunt. Facebook doesn’t allow third-party companies to sell your personal content to new friends. How about putting out your own ad? No one will have your photos because they won’t be seen by anyone.

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It’s not the only way to promote your posts on Instagram. Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms like Pinterest allow you to sell your photos. That doesn’t mean you’re getting free stuff, but you can sell your posts to existing friends.

It’s easy to set up a Facebook promotion campaign to sell photos. Head to Facebook Advertising. Set up your photo campaign, set the date it will start and a price for your product or service. Be sure to show off your posts in a positive way. You want to sell them to current Facebook followers.

When your photos appear on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you’ll get a little payout. Check out Ad Week to find Instagram Deals, Facebook Coupons and Pinterest Coupons. When you’re done with ads and promotions, get back to a traditional advertising business.

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You have the option to promote your business on Twitter and Facebook. Make sure you advertise with your company’s logos on Twitter.

Why? Because all those companies using Instagram are using Facebook’s advertising platform, so that’s where you’ll get the biggest revenue. Use hashtags such as #FBKG, #FBKW and the hashtags #FBKG. It only takes a few minutes.

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When it comes to Instagram, you can’t just show your customers the same content from three different brands and expect the same amount of eyeballs on them. You have to make something new that’s unique to that brand.

Some marketers use Instagram to promote new business ideas. Other marketers use it to promote products. But if your customer is not looking for it right now, you might want to use a marketing tool like the one below to promote your products, services or brand directly.

See the best Instagram ads in the best deals category
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