Can Instagram sell my photos?

It’s still unclear exactly what Instagram plans to do with your photos and videos. Currently, Instagram’s terms for making content available on its website state that images and videos can be licensed for $2 per 1,000 views.

However, there are a few options: Creative Commons, which licenses the images for free, allows users to make money from making these kinds of photos available.

There’s also this tool, called CanYouPics.
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This opens up people’s Instagram accounts to the “Can you buy my photo?” (and yes, yes you can) market. When I clicked the buy button, I had to supply my email address and enter a personal check (they’ll email me in the future).

I did get some photos on Amazon and eBay in their Instagram store. Not everything was great, though. For example, one image on both sites has a yellow filter applied, but the top half of the image still shows the yellow filter.

While Instagram may be able to sell my images for $.02 for 1,000 views, it’s unclear what exactly they’re selling.

In the U.K., photographers and producers are working together to provide affordable and easy access to creative content.

The UK’s Creative Content Commission offers a digital media literacy course (available here). While the course is offered on a voluntary basis, participating photographers receive a “digital certificates of completion” for every assignment completed (with credit for their efforts).

According to IFA, the goal of the course is to help photographers “develop their digital marketing skills by understanding what makes content effective and what’s missing in commercial campaigns that require marketing.”

How can I learn more about these courses?

Here’s more information on the Creative Content Commission’s Digital Media Literacy Course. To find out more about the UK’s Creative Content Commission or learn more about what you can do to contribute, visit the Digital Media and Publishing Centre.

A large number of British tourists have been turned away from Turkey after police said they cannot be checked at airports in Istanbul because of a new law.

Migrants can’t apply for refugee status if they are registered in the country of first arrival, Turkey’s minister for migration, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, said last month.

The legislation also allows officers on the ground to refuse entry to any passenger who has spent more than three months in Turkey without working.

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